Friday, January 21, 2011

Tweet Shmeet

Got meself a new PPP phone.  I can if I so desire get porn, get on the punt and check out the profanisaurus.  All of these things are quite useful but rack up the phone bill.  So after a 30 buck experiment I've figured it out. If you want porn, use the 'puter.
I'm also watching Oz v Poms while I blog this and I haven't yet figured out the multi application window thing where you get ya tweets, ya blog, ya porn, ya profanisaurus and a live feed to Beyonce's arse.  Also I'm drogging whilst  blinking.  Í got some Uncle Teds which helped me soothe the Friday after work frenzy.  Then I cooked up some kangaroo kebabs.  By jingies they were good.  I'm tops at cooking a bit of roo. I've also got a bourbon or two options plus Lagavulin for cigar time.
So I set up a twunter account a while back and never used it.  I've just recently lobbed something in there and now am exploring how to hook in.
Tait is now bowling to the tail of the poms batting list.  He took a good catch a bit earlier and I really love his fear factor.  Its the aggro we need.
Where was I?  That's right, PPP phone, PC (also new) and fkn twitzifying.
Tait's limping now, the useless prick.  Done his 'nads.  Fucking South Australians. Sack him.
The Australian selectors have all sorts of eggs on their face for not selecting son of Twampy Mart (that's how one commentator used to pronounce Geoff Marsh's appelation of Swampy Marsh). Young ún Marsh scored a well made, natch winning and heroic ton.  Brilliant, just showing the idiocy of persisting with Clarke and Smith.  This bloke has a good technique and some backbone as opposed to photo shoot ops in Hello!.  And bring in Kegsgrove, for the sake of the common cricketer and for common sense.
That's it, got 'roo to digest, Uncle Teds to ingest and a fucking cockroach just scuttled by.
Got him.
And Dougie Billinger just got the 9th pom out.  Good lad, after helping Marsh rescue Australia in what will end up being a match winning partnership.  Andrew hilditcjh, you are a fucking tool for leaving Marsh out of the World cup equation.
YD, if you pop in, good luck to the Bears on Sunday.  I'll need some Superbowl menu tips.  Its on Monday morning our time, around 8.30. Bit early for hot dogs but I'll get a couple of Yank suds, 'prolly a Miller or Bud, but the mainstay will be Oz product.
That's me,  the poms just got done by our lads and its time to see what this tweet shite is about.


  1. Bit of roo always goes well. Twitter's a good laugh. Lots of random stupidity on there.

  2. Thank you, sir. Been doing a little trash talk w/ BigBadAl. Evidently his meds have addled him as he likes the Packers.

    For a Super Bowl party, hmm. I'd just stick with the same stuff you'd have for a championship party down there. And if I couldn't get Samuel Adams for my libation, I'd buy a tried and true Oz brew myself!

  3. I just dropped in because you requested to follow me on Twitter (gosh, Therbs, that'll take you a long way in life, following Me on Twitter ;) and I thought that was friendly of you and what have you got to say here? (I've read yours before but ages ago) so anyway ,by coincidence it's twitter-schmitter talk:
    Yeah, same, have barely used mine either till recently when some cbg people added me or I added them. I guess it probably picks up momentum over time. The thing about social media is it's all a stupid waste of precious time unless you want to connect with people (in which case it's not a waste of time--in my experience) but the bind there is it's Not Cool to admit that , especially on Twitter. You can definitely admit that on fb ,the home of domestic uncoolness. But if it's not for connecting, who knows why anyone would possibly conceive of doing it? ego gratification? seems odd to me in that case because of the criticism that attracts (ie being a shallow bore-whore). Don't even bother trying to be funny because it looks like trying to be funny --that's key,'s ver strange I think. Just let it all naturally happen as it does in time. That's not advice, just asking, whatchooreckon?