Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week In Sydee

Two posts inside a week?  I'm just down at a kwikee-mart with internet gear to ask those coming in later this week to pop in and confirm that we'll be going to a pub which serves food, for those wanting to eat.  I have a couple of venues in mind - The Edinburgh Castle and The Metropolitan.  The big thing for me being drinkiness and both pubs fit the bill, the Metro probably has the better steaks, the EC has beer in jugs if you're that way inclined and for Doc Y they have Uncle Ted on tap.

Nat - I'll let you know the Thursday venue tomorrow.

Wednesday night I'm going to You Am I's recreation of Exile On Main Street at the Oxford Art Factory starring guests such as Nic Cester (Jet), Tex Perkins and others.  Should be tops as long as the tickets came through.

That's all for now, cop yez later.

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  1. Top nite Therbatronics. Shall post back Angel Rising when done. I'll hit you up for your addy when the time comes. Thanks for the company!!!