Friday, September 10, 2010

Slackness and Being

Well folks, I know I'm slack.  Basically I'm fracked for getting into some blogs, commenting on others and doing fun stuff but that's all down to work computers.  Its also because I'm a neglectful and lazy fucker whose motivation centres on having a laugh, a drink and farnarkelling around.

So what's happening?  Doc Yobbo, Abe Frellman and maybe the Lermontovity will be catching up in my hometown of Sydee next week.  We'll have a couple of beers, maybe even with each other and then see who's best at tweeting the results.  Rules me out 'cos I don't be tweetin'.

Now that I've rediscovered this blog stuff I may even post something a tad more substantial.  And ya gotta know that the motivation for this reanimation of Therbs on line is due to the aforementioned pissup.  Hats off to Doc Y and Abe Frellman.

And Nat if you're lurking, hope you got my email.

Now if anyone wants to stir up Hav leave him be  I just sent him an email, part of which took the piss out of his cricketingness and wonky deck.

Shouts out to those mentioned above and also to Yankee Dog whose page I visit but can't lodge comments, similarly with Moko, Nat Spy, Doc Y, Mr Barnes, Bangar, GBob, NBob, Jennicki, Big Bad Al, and a heap of others.  If yez are in Sydney next Fridee come and have a beer with us.   Should be fuckin' tops, ay!

That's it, I'm off to the boozer to practice for next week.


  1. Tidy. Good to hear you're still in the game! Beers Friday shall be wreathed in awesome.

  2. Roger that. The rubber cat-suit might get an iron :-D

    Venues decided yet?

  3. Must get back to my blog too. Been 12 months since I posted.

    Do we really need a reason to stir up the Havock?

  4. Al I losted you on Twitter!...BLOG ON.

    Therbs this little adventure is turning out to be v exciting! 'sgunna be good to meet you finally :-D

  5. Therbs! Where ya been? I was just wondering the other day where you'd gotten off to.

    I don't know why you can't leave comments. I'll look into it.

    Everything going good in your world, then?

  6. YD I think he can't leave comments because of some web blocking weirdness on his work 'puters - that right Therbs? Hence the interweb cafes when you actually want to add content into Blogger.

    In training - practising with Coopers Pale.

  7. YD - Doc Y is right. Its overly complimicated. Just rest assured that I do actually pop in. Good luck with the church picnic thing.
    Nat - It'll be great to finally meet up. I have a couple of venues in mind and we'll catch up on Thursday for some pre-Friday tactical planning.
    Al - no reason really, its just kinda fun.
    Naut - all lined up except Lerm. Gonna be a good'un. Thinking of the same pub for either Thursday or Friday, except Friday I think they might have crap jazz.