Monday, September 20, 2010

Burgering in Sydney

Remember that old Readers Digest stuff,  I am Joe's Adenoid, I am Joe's Skeletal Disfigurement, I Am Joe's Hypothalamus, I am Joe's Squashed Testicles?  You can't?  Well, here's the etsts I put to my brain cells and liver.
Wednesday.  You Am I played at the Oxford Art Factory with the gig being "Exile On Main Street" played from beginning to end.  Featured guests were Venetta Fields (sang backing vocals on the original album), Tex Perkins, Nic Cetser (Jet), Adalita and others including some bloke who looked like Rob Schneider.  Timmy Rogers rocked!  The whole gig was a slammin' affair from beginning to end with Tex Perkins adding his Rock God act to the whole thing.  Spotted in the audience was a Wiggle which begged the question were The Cockroaches gonna get up for a surprise special guest appearance?  Nup.  The beers flowed swiftly and we left the venue well satisfied.  On the way home I had to stop in at the side bar of the Teagardens hotel for a quick bourbon settler.
Thursday.  This was the day of the Russian Spy Invasion so I arranged to meet young Natski at the Metropolitan Hotel around 6.00.  I arrived early hoping to catch up with the publican and his wife but they weren't in.  I was hungover  like a bastard, and a couple of boney schooeys later I received a call from the Russian Spy She was somewhere near Jersey Boys or something so I gave her further directions.  She ended up down The Rocks almost at the Harbour Bridge and called again.  After redirecting her I walked down to perform a rescue mission.  Next call was from Natski and she was on teh roof bar of the pub and I was walking along George St looking for spies.  As I walked back I saw her leaning over the railing of the Roof Bar, waving.  We met up and had some drinks, catching up, shooting the breeze and marvelling at the wonders of electronic gaming.  The smoking deck was in the poker machine area.  Nifty huh?  And no, I didn't gamble.  Nat was jet lagged and I was topping up the fuel tanks from the night before and slowed right down. Yep, I admit I was probably struggling a bit.
On the way home I dropped in to the side bar of the Teagardens for a quick bourbon settler.
Friday.  I was feeling fuzzy after a couple of days on the sauce but still up for another night.  This time we met up at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel.  I walked in to find Nat and Abe Frellman at the bar getting a round of drinks.  Great timing, so we set in for a few settlers awaiting the arrival of Doc Yobbo.   Unfortunately Mr Lermontov was unable to join us due to changed travel arrangements. We sat at an outside table for a while debating his likely arrival as he'd been off to Newtown the night before to have beers with some old friends.  Abe went on a mission to do some internet/email/twitter searching to no avail.  We had a final drink and headed off to Diethnes restaurant for some Greek chow.  Just outside we ran into our fave Doc and ventured inside.  The meal was fine, my roast lamb was suitably tender and mouth watering, the others had lamb stew (that right Abe?), a mixed platter for the Doc and Nat went for the Haloumi.  We tried some god awful Greek beer before settling into a more local and palatable brew. We saw The.Best.Combover.Evahh!  Man, it was classy in its ambition and FKN funny in its effect. The second funny bit was that at one stage they had the bloke's dunnies blocked by a chair and some bloke acting like a bouncer.  There'd been some unpleasantness inside, unpleasantness on a large scale it seems, but the antics of the staff gave us some comedy gold.
Our resident Smallgoods Providore, the Hon. Abe Frellman took carte of the bill.  What a man. Many thanks for that Abe, much appreciated.  (Remember to email me the address to send that shirt.).
 Then we went wandered off to a pub.  It was Friday night, they had some loud music, beers poured in plastic cups and an unwelcoming atmosphere, as did the pub across the street which didn't want to let me in.  We turfed that and cabbed it down to the Lord Nelson hotel which brews its own beers.  Ahhh, yes.  Nice choice Abe!
The Lord Nelson closed its doors and we scattered.  On the way home I dropped into teh side bar of the Teagardens for a quick bourbon settler.
Saturday.  A free day, no work, no commitments, sleep in.  Yep, did that, some chores then got a beer call.
Some blokes get booty calls, I get beer calls.  I answered this one, watched football on TV, shot the shit and on the way home stopped in at the side bar of the Teagardens for a quick bourbon settler.
Sunday.  Had to make Avalon beach for lunch at the Starfish.  Beers, bubbly, wine, beers and a walk around teh northend of Avalon to fling flowers in the ocean to remember my dad.  Its where his ashes had been cast a few years ago.  Noice.
On the way home I didn't stop in at the side bar of the Teagardens hotel for a quick bourbon settler.
Monday.  Went to work and am now on my wayyfor a birthday drink, a steak and some red wine, most likely a shiraz.  The beat goes on.
Tuesday will be nothing.  Zilch, zero, blot.  Wednesday we have a bar voucher to work through from a previous pub trivia win.  Oh well, I should be fine by then
One more thing, I'm getting fucking pissed off with this persistent cold weather,  Usually by now we'd have some warm days and mild nights but noooooo.  Someone do a fucking sun dance please and get rid that crap Tasmanian weather which insists on hanging around, sort of like a stinking ratsacker who's camped on your lounge and doesn't like the concept of deodorant.
Fuck the spell check, this is going out live.
Nat, Abe, Doc Y, -  it was really FKN tops meeting you and hopefully it won't be too long before it happens again. Burger get togethers FTW!


  1. You were bloody great company Therbs. Love ya to bits :-D Next time I must come down for longer and we can do a city pub crawl and kill our livers in style!...oh and thanks for not mentioning what a twat I was for missing Bridge Street!

  2. HA! I think we were just reading each other's blogs in tandem!

  3. Oh yeah...the haloumi......garglegargeladalkdjfasldkjf! Where did it end up again? Shit the restaurant is a little fuzzy. All I remember is stirring the waiter and giggling at you :-D

  4. Oh and I forgot to ask - where you impressed with my eyesight spotting you from that distance? It must have been four flights up!

  5. Sounds like a good time, we need the new improved AoT portal to get everyone together, in the same place/time in a non Blob like way.

  6. Was fucking tops. Let's do it again. If it's going to be a pub crawl I strongly advocate it be Rocks-centric. Had many beers Saturday in the comfortable, well-stocked environs of the Australian (just round the corner from the Lord Nelse) and remain a strong advocate.

  7. I have no idea why I used the phrase 'strong(ly) advocate' twice more than necessary in the above. Still hungover from Thursday.

  8. Nat - I was impressed with your ability to spot me from the rooftop without having met before.
    Can't remember much about the haloumi except I nicked a bit off your plate. It was good haloumi.
    I remember the bad combover, the chair in front of the dunnies, that crap Greek beer, you giggling and Abe and Doc Y being amusing.
    Bangar - yeah, its the fifth time I've met burgers either singly or in groups and it never disappoints.
    Doc - second that Rocks motion. Those pubs after the restaurant were fairly unknown quantities to me. The Rocks never disappoints in its pub winningness. And I'm hungover from last night's Shiraz.

  9. My spy powers work on occasion darlin'! :-D

  10. Sounds like a good time!

    Tell you what-all of you get to Chicago and the first, second, and third rounds are on me!

    (Ahh-the joys of being half a world away. I can make a ridiculous promise like that and not have to worry!)

  11. Huzzah! Yes yes, next time it should totally be at the other end of town. Well, the Rocks really.

    Nice to see y'all.


  12. Nat - your powers have never been questioned
    YD - you're on! Cubs game, hot dogs, beers.
    Abe - 'ken oath mate, Rocks it has to be FTW!