Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Summer Continues

My beach holiday skin is fading, Christmas and New Year festivities seem a long time ago and work routine has thrown a tantrum and kicked me right in the goolies like a frustrated four year old in the supermarket chocolate aisle. However the beach is still just a five minute stroll from my dugout, the international one-day cricket games are about to start and a mate from Tassie is coming up next week to have a few beers and go here to watch Australia vs Seth Efflicka. The Sydney Festival is on and there's always a cool drink to be had.

Drinks tip - if you have acquired cheap gin and want to tart it up all you need do is grab a large (clean) jar, chop up big chunks of citrus fruit and put them in the jar. You then fill up the jar with your cheap gin. Put the gin jar in the fridge for a few hours to chill, allowing the gin to pretend to be of higher caste, chill out and become infused with hints of citrus flavours. Then serve as you would normally. I prefer a large, tall glass with a mini iceberg floe at the bottom, followed by a large slug of the gin and topped with tonic. A slice of lemon split over the rim is okay.
One (maybe two) of these after an early evening swim down the beach are a fine set up for the night. If you can't be bothered with all of that just grab a chilled beer. I'm currently working my way through some Little Creatures and Gage Roads.

Speaking of beer I have a hankering for sausages and onions cooked on a bbq and topped with lettuce and tomatoes, all sitting inside a length of baguette. Mmmmm, sausages. Shame I can't access Mr Frellman's blog at wordpress. He'd tell me what to do.


  1. You cheap drunk. Disguising gin is a poor man's way out.

  2. Awww, come on. Have a swig of my meths and lime and you'll feel differently. Then again I may need it to ignite a fire-break around my brain.

  3. You can't access my blog? WTF?

    I wonder why ?

  4. I'm a fan of the LC
    & Citrus infused gin is a bit of a fave
    C'mon the cricket
    We need some dignity back

  5. Nice, there should be more "Tips for cheap boozing."
    Heres mine, a cheap bourbon tastes a world better if its mixed with a good dry ginger ale instead of coke. (I'm a schweppes man myself)
    Also cheap tequila makes adequate margaritas if you go heavy on the mix..

  6. Fading tan and cheap gin... are you sure you are not holed up at Raffles?

  7. Abe - the internet robot Nazi blocks wordpress from my p.c. here at the bureau and I don't have a computer at home.
    Lermy - this gin technique works a treat. I used it with a cheapo bottle (Old Lion) and it did the trick. Also have a look for Gage Roads, a W.A. brewer.
    NBob - I've only used dry with cheap scotch. Nice tip. Yeah, Schweppes is the best when the quality of the spirit isn't what you'd prefer.
    Al - only in this weird fantasy involving Striperella, coconut oil and human pyramids

  8. I can't do Gin after my sister-in-law's wedding.

    In fact I feel a bit sick just thinking about it.

  9. Chaz - sometimes it just happens to be there
    Naut - its a bastard when that happens. A perfectly useful drink is scratched due to one unfortunate experience. I'm the same with tequila.