Thursday, January 29, 2009

Phone Companies Are Death Mongers

It gives me the irrits that phone chargers aren't compatible. My battery is starting to show signs of terminal illness and there's not one compatible charger lying around amongst the dozen or so I could find here in the bureau. No, they're all clever sods which don't like each other's innnie and outie bits. Its like they're all gay and my phone is hetero (or vice versa).
Sure, I'm looking to replace my phone (Nokia) but I want to make sure that the new phone fits the three chargers I already have spread around Sydney. Its a simple thing. Stick to a standard you tossers! Didn't the Apollo 13 crew almost die because the oxygen supply hook-ups in the command and lunar modules were incompatible? So the near death of 3 astronauts has taught us nothing. If left to the phone companies, astronauts would die. Therefore its obvious that phone companies are killers. I bet Bell and Edison never considered that when they came up with their first talky jam tins on wire.* They are guilty by association. Bastards.
Its the sort of frustration which leads me to a bar seeking solace, companionship and merriment.
Bloody good idea.

* if any wanker comes on saying that it wasn't just Bell and Edison who could lay claim to inventing the telephone they can jam those arguments up the khyber. The same goes for nitpicking about mobile, cellular and landline phones. Just go with it, n'kay?


  1. Well if it is the sort of frustration that leads you to a bar - then they can't be blamed for too much!

    I picked up a copy of Kingsley Amis's "Everyday Drinking" last week. I've just flicked through it & it strikes me as the sort of book you'd enjoy. Really well written by a guy that obviously has a very intimate relationship with piss

  2. Lerm - You're spot on about the bar. Its the fact that I've just proven that they are killers which is worrying. Fucking Nokia ninjas and Samsung samurai will be after me.
    I've heard of the Amis title before but for some reason could never remember it when shopping for books.

  3. The dickheads come up with sites like etc.

    Can't even come up with something useful like .

  4. you can buy adapters for the chargers - 3.5 to 2mm if thats what you are looking for.
    Nokia code CA-44

  5. That would make sense. That's why it won't happen.

    Every charging socket should fit any appliance.

  6. All these fuckers should be lined up and SHOT, at the least FLOGGED. Whilst we a dropping a few king browns of course, we can watch

  7. Naut - ahh, may fave site. Saved quite a few dollars by using it. Any p.c. I use quickly gets it added to favourites.
    Uamada - this is no time for sensible solutions
    (he says while scribbling down the code and opening up the Nokia web site)
    YD - yes, but remember we're dealing with cold hearted killers.
    Hav - I'm all for spectator sports and cold beer. How many a/c complaints you been getting?

  8. Life would be so much simpler if these companies were sensible, but they're not and never will be..BASTARDS!

  9. Haven't you heard? There's a global financial crisis and astronauts are now expendable.

  10. Chaz - remember, they're murderers
    Abe - NASA's still looking for porn on Mars
    TP - they're now on the list