Thursday, January 8, 2009

Geez, I must have drunk something

Well I tried re-doing the template and got pissed off with the whole thing and deleted the first one. Then I found that I had re-named the blog spot URL or whatever its called. Stuff it, I'm off to the pub. sometimes the pub is the answer and this is definitely such occasion.


  1. The pub is alway the answer grasshopper...

  2. And I reckon it could still be the answer today!

    Good to find you.

  3. Well look at who washed ashore.

    Good to see ya again.

  4. Welcome aboard, Therbs! You're about the last of the bunch that was unaccounted for.

    You'll find blogger pretty easy to use after a bit.

  5. WTH?.....take two.

    HERE HE IS. Wondering when you'd rock up. ;o)

  6. Hey, hi everyone! I think I've figured this blogspot thing out a bit better than in my first attempt. Nat, Lermy, Al,Doanli, Abe, YD, Moko, thanks for popping in.

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