Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Wet

I'll be off to Hobart in a coupla days to indulge in wetting a baby's head and catching up with old friends (the ones with the new bub).  I know I've been slack on this blogging front having stalled myself in the travel thing at the U.S. border.  I'll finish that travel tale when I get back.  I've drafted another Dogshit Killers instalment, in fact its probably a bit long so I'll break it up and turn it into two.  I figured out the end bit but getting there is taking a while.  I always seem to set a lot of the scenes in the pub.  In fact its really fucking hard dragging me away from the place, I half expect a bouncer muse to come along and heave me out onto the street. I might even edit it before publishing so that it reads a bit better than usual.  But that takes effort and if you haven't noticed it written in fourty foot high sparkly neon letters, I am a lazy bugger.

One of the things to do in Hobart is go to the distillery and indulge in their tasting platter.  This has to be one of the best concepts since free beers at the Tuborg and Carlsberg breweries, which I did in one day. Shit yeah!  For those who don't know anything about Tasmania its sort of like New Zealand except it doesn't have boiling mud or truncated vowels.  Its cricket team is also better than the Kiwis having given birth to the current Australian captain and the immortal David Boon (52 cans), the International Drinking Man of Cricket.  Boonie is known for setting the record for the most beers downed on a flight between Australia and the UK. He took the record off another cricket legend, Rod Marsh (45 cans) who set the record after failing in his attempt several years earlier when that other legend, Doug Walters set the 44 can record.

Boonie signing a beer coaster before doing the "Boon Walk"

Rod Marsh looking thirsty

Doug Walters - fkn legend

Marsh and Boonie hit the turps - top shot!

So that's it.  Once again what was meant to be a minor update turned out to be beer talk.  I guess that's what this interweb stuff is mainly about, for me anyway.   And Doc if you're still out there, the Dogs are gonna eat your mangy Wabbits.  Here's a song you can sing when they go down.

Dogs love to eat dem Bunnies
Bunnies great to eat
Bite their floppy ears off
Chew their bunny feet.

Time to stop talking about beer and go and  enjoy some.  Have great Easters!


  1. Hell yeah the lark Distillery rocks, Is the tour/tasting still being run by the lovely Amy?

  2. Dunno Mr Barnes but hopefully I'll find out. My schedule is getting full but I've chalked in an afternoon to get there. Fuck it - the schedule can go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. I want distillery!

  3. Not a chance, the Dogs had their one spasmodic fart of competence for the year. Glory Glory To You Know Fucken Who.

    Now go drink Hobart dry, there's a lad. Cheers

  4. Boonie. We LOVES Boonie. I bet that moe tickles.

  5. Have fun and raise a glass to the greatest Taswegian - Errol Flynn!

    Get some shagging in too!

  6. Dr Y - the sad fact is I'll probably have to wait until punkin' time in Tassie to see the fucking game. I received a weather forecast text for my arrival tomorrow (Sunday). It said definite consumption of Cascade on the deck, followed by a wet baby's head, contuing on with more beery precipitation.
    Nat - moes only tickle others when you get up close for consensual nuzzling of, er, certain bits.

    Mr Lerm - Errol, fuck yeah! What a lad. I'll do me best.