Thursday, April 29, 2010

Facing Up

Seems like a long time, a life time you could say since I wrote here.  I went to Hobart, like I said in my last post and wetted a baby's head.  To a typically extreme extent but it was a blast.  Damn!  Missed the Lark distillery.  That leaves me with an excuse to revisit the city later this year.

 I was back at work for a week when slam, the following Saturday morning I got one of those horrible phone calls telling me my mum had just had a bad fall.  Wrong info. Short version is she died and it wasn't a fall.  The aorta crapped out down in her abdomen. One of those nasty aneurisms which an 86 year old is unlikely to survive.

So I'm working through this and all of the subsequent crap which is to come but by jingies we gave her a damn fine send off.  A nice sunny day, crematorium, church then wake.  We kicked it big time amongst  a fine gathering of family and friends.  Makes me proud of the rest of the clan, they're a fine mob.  For once my drinkingness came into its own and by fuck there was some laughter amongst the tears.  More laughter and it keeps us going above the bad stuff below.

Sorry that this is not the most uplifting of posts but I needed to share.  I've yet to complete that Canadian/American trip and there's another Dog Shit Killers episode sitting ready to go.

I must ask what the fuck is David Gallop doing?  That bloke needs to go and fuck something else up.  Why can't he go and sort out the Greek accountants and leave football alone the silly fucker.  Or plug that volcano over in Iceland with his big fat head.  He definitely shits me no end the little turd.  To paraphrase General Havock, the muppet needs cappin'.

Oh yeah, reminds me of a post I did somewhere comparing the NRL salary cap auditor with Sergeant Schultz.  I might find it, update it and post it again.

Anyways, I'm off to Bedes' place and see how the footy tips are going.


  1. Really sad to hear.

    Glad you were able to send her off in a cracking way.

    I shall raise a beer to her tomorrow night.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. It's always a bit of a shock, no matter how it happens. Good luck with everything that entails after a death in the family.

    Glad you gave her a good sendoff. I bet she'd have wanted it that way.

  3. sorry to hear that about your Mom

  4. Thanks guys, its a tough one and I appreciate your kind words. Luckily we have a sttong family. And Naut, I've been doing a lot of drinks raising myself over the past fortnight. Despite what the wowsers say, it does actually help at times. The other times it just boils down to a more increased level of my normal reckless and intemperate behaviour.

  5. My deepest sympathies Therbs.

  6. Condolences on your loss.

    Been to to many funerals over the last few years.

    Good that the send off was great.