Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rant And Rant Again

I just got home having been conveyed in a taxi within which the driver cocooned himself with the radio station which calls itself The Power Station.  It calls itself thus because its headline act is its breakfast announcer, Alan Jones. This man does some good things in supporting strugglers, young vocalists and aspirants to sporting success.  A lot of this is unrecognised and he doesn't play it up.  So that's good,  isn't it?  Well yeah, except...

Alan Jones is also a long term supporter of the Liberal Party, the conservative side of Australian politics.  He's also a an uncritical promoter of their current national leader, Tony Abbott.  Groucho Marx once sang a song back in the Thirties called "Whatever it is, I'm against it." This is Tony Abbott's sole ploy to force a premature election which he would expect to win. He has no policies, he's simply taking an approach to play on people's fears of change, people's doubts about anything new and an extant racist reflex which still exists in Australia.  He is a man who lacks ideas and mines the worst aspects of human nature in an attempt to gain power.

A supposedly intelligent and compassionate man in the form of Alan Jones, backs Abbott in such grubby, negative and base tactics. Alan Jones'  fan base is largely older people who are pissed off that things are not as simple as they should be and that old people in our culture are largely shunted off to institutions on their way to death.  He also attracts a lot of simpletons who want someone to give easy explanations that their poor life choices are the fault of others' people on welfare, people fleeing dislocation, persecution and death in lands where we wage war, or basically people who don't think that  Daryl Somers and Two and a Half Men are the pinnacles of comedic genius.


This brings me back to the cab ride home.  On the radio was a replay of Alan Jones attacking our Prime Minister in a blatant party political piece of diatribe which was passed off as an interview with the Prime Minister and once again designed to cement fear and loathing in the listeners. This was the cab driver's choice.  Now, I'm pretty much sick of bogan political attitudes, simplistic attacks and a dumbed down approach to debate on the complex problems that we need to navigate.  To me its a political parallel to anti-science, the rise of bullshit like Ïntelligent design", anti-immunisation idiocy, homeopathy and belief that Invisible Friend can fix everything.  So I thought, "Fuck this crap! If I have to listen to simplistic right wing ranting drivel in a taxi I'll do some ranting of my own."  So I launched.  I called Alan Jones a number of things.
"Fucking mysoginist poofter cunt!  This queen would suck Tony Abbots dick and gargle his cum to get that other fucking cunt elected and to get ratings.  If he wants a fucking peoples' revolt I'll fucking start it in his fucking underpants with a fucking stanley knife."

By this stage I had to calm down and direct the driver down to my place.  So I did, got in, grabbed a beer and blogged.  It hasn't diminished the fucking contempt I feel for Alan Jones and Tony Abbott.  They truly are cunts. I am not at all concerned about their prospects of continuing mortality.  I am not wshing them dead but if they did pass, I would not shed a tear nor waste time in mourning the fact.  They are cunts. I doubt whether I'll alter any of this when I next visit this blog.  In fact, next time I cap some zeds they could well be celebrity guest cappees.


  1. Gold.
    No, I wouldn't be regretting that or changing it or apologising. Not at all.

  2. Don't change a fucking word mate, never edit the truth. Only cunts like Jones would try.

    Still my favourite Jones-related image of all time

  3. Thanks Abi, Doc.
    In the hot light of a summer's day I'm definitely not changing a fucking word. I just wish I'd included Bolt.

  4. Therbs, you're like the brother I never had, but...

    It's wrong for a right-winger to 'wish ill' on people, but it's OK for the 'left' (you, for purposes of this argument) to say 'If he wants a fucking peoples' revolt I'll fucking start it in his fucking underpants with a fucking stanley knife'?

    Interesting logic.

    Glad you have the courage of your convictions, though-and a pox on both wings for NOT doing what's right for society.

    Maybe just play sitar music in cabs. That's what's playing in most of them here. Just sayin'.

  5. YD - a simple wishing of ill is not what these pricks thrive on. It's exploiting base fears, expanding them and working these fears into simple political momentum. They're all about targetting people who aren't white bread citizens or second generation immigrants who take the piss ojut of themselves. Its wrong, its base and its on an upcurve in this country. I'm sick of it and refuse to put up with it in a paid conveyance. If its on, I'll rant right back as a balancing act. Wishing violence on them? Yeah, I did, and don't care.

  6. Fair enough, Therbs. But you know me, and you know I'm pretty conservative on a lot of issues-and that's hard when dealing with people who generally are more liberal-leaning. It gets frustrating sometimes and you may have hit a nerve with your post. Reckon I should be annoyed with the type who make it hard on those of us who lean right but are willing to work with you left-type softies :) No hard feelings.

  7. That's cool YD. You aren't one of these types, believe me and I took absolutely no offence. I know you're argument and would never put you in amongst these self-serving fear-miners. That is their raison détre these days, bastardised from an original and genuine desire to contribute to the general good. And they are getting more fearest as time goes on. It needs checking.

    As do whoever is in charge of the Cubs list. now that is rantworthy.