Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ariel Gig

If anyone's going to JB's Ariel gig on Tuesday next week the plan is to meet at the 3 Weeds (Rose Shamrock and Thistle - the Paddo one, not the Balmain one).  I'll be there around 6.00, depending on bus times from the CBD most likely watching whatever sport they have on the plasma.  I'll be the one booing either Manly, Collingwood or Germany, depending on what's showing.  Ariel Bookshop is just across the road from The Weeds and JB's gig goes from 7.00 until 8.00.  No need to book a seat, just show up.  We will however need to book The Balkan for the post gig feed and I'll need numbers asap. The Balkan is this Croatian grill restaurant where you get chunks of meat, cooked Balkan style.  They also do a seafood grill which is very tasty. My advice is to skip lunch that day.

And remember that its Dry July so no drinkees 'nkay? Yeah, right. Poor joke I know but if you do get all self righteous about giving up the sauce for no other reason than some c-list git is trying to get numbers for their wanking attempt to expand their fading celebritiness then you can buy me drinks. Lots of them 'cos I'm the best fucking charity ever conceived.

 Doc Yobbo has done a good job on this nonsense  here.



  1. Quite the awesome - hope the Ariel gig goes off like a frog in a sock. And cheers for the shoutout.

  2. Cheers Doc. The Ariel will be fine after a few settlers at The Weeds. The Balkan Grill will no doubt deliver kilos of grease and fat to Birmo's slimming frame. Yes, we're gonna soak the bugger in animal splat and beer. Teach him to get all fit and thin.