Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Yanks

To all the Americans out there, Happy Fourth of July! I'll be hunting down a hot dog and maybe even an American beer to have in your honour tomorrow. Enjoy the fireworks, games of horseshoes and try not to choke on burnt bbq offerings.
"Oh say can you see?"
Well, if you can by the end of July 4th you haven't really celebrated properly. Rave on!


  1. Thanks, Therbs. To complete your 4th of July experience, find some Chinese-made fireworks, light them, and hold on to the piece, trusting that the fuse was correctly sized and manufactured.

  2. Bound to be a pub somewhere showing baseball in sensible drinking hours. May be time for an RDO (Rorted Day Off.)

  3. Yeah. Thanks, mate.

  4. YD - fireworks for personal use are prohibited, but if you know some guys down Chinatown you can get them. I didn't but had a couple of Miller Drafts and raised a bottle in salute to the Land of Bacon 'n Cheese burgers. Mmmmm. Burgers. Some people may put shit on America but any nation which can invent bacon 'n cheesburgers plus be disliked by the French can't be all that bad.

    Dr Y - settled for a bit of Nascar action

    Paul - No worries, cobber.

  5. I saw the end of that, a real Yeehaw Cletus end to it with that there Toyota drivin' traitor gittin' turned cross th' entire field an' gittin' all smashed urp. Serves that sumbitch raaahhht. Probably cheaper that fireworks and easier to organise.