Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sydney Writers Festival & Medicine

The Sydney Writers Festival is just about to kick off and I've selected a few bits and pieces I may pop in and see.

• Thursday, May 21 2009 •
11 : 30
88: For Whom the Arts Serve - Frank Moorhouse, Robyn Archer, Helen O’Neil and Geoffrey Atherden discuss arts funding. - could be a bit tosserish, may need a jar or two beforehand to liven things up. Probably end up hanging in the nearest pub and missing it.

13 : 00
96: True Crime StoriesTom Gilling, Clive Small, Robert Wainwright and Paola Totaro talk about their true crime stories.
Sydney Theatre at Walsh Bay 13:00 to 14:00
Ticketed Event (NOT FREE!!!)
Crime, Nonfiction, Scriptwriting, - this one may get the brush off I thinks.

13 : 30
100: Irreverence - Ben Canaider and Dominic Knight discuss taking the mickey with Mark Dapin.
Sydney Dance Company, Studio 1 13:30 to 14:30
Free Event - straight into immediate post lunch euphoria. Note to self, will require hip flask (maybe two). Don't heckle, these guys are pros.

• Friday, May 22 2009 •
10 : 00
147: The Future of Journalism- Should the rise of the citizen journalist be celebrated?
Sydney Dance Company, Studio 2/3 10:00 to 11:00
Free Event - fuckin' journos eh? Should be a good piss-up. Better b.y.o. again. Journos aren't known for shouting a round or two. Keep your trap shut though, they can get a bit sharp this mob.

13 : 00
170: Tackling The Big Themes - Andrew Davidson and Andrea Goldsmith discuss the potential of fiction to take on the big topics.
Sydney Philharmonia Choir Studio 13:00 to 14:00
Free Event - a bit thinky, really need to do a Rocks pub crawl beforehand. Wonder if that p.a. on Level 3 likes thinky shit and pubs down at The Rocks? Have to find out and make sure she can take a sickie.

14 : 30
181: Rock’n’Roll Lives - Don Walker (Cold Chisel) and Stephen Cummings (The Sports) speak about music-making and much more.

Sydney Philharmonia Choir Studio 14:30 to 15:30

Free event Fuck yeah!! "Bow River"! "Who Listens To The Radio"! Bastards better take their guitars along. Geez, I'll have to check out the nearest bottle shop. Will definitely need to reload before this gig.

Didja notice how most of the things I've selected are free? Didja huh, didja? It means I'll be queueing up. Or tripping up cane-wielding retirees, pushing past self-absorbed arty types and generally acting the yob. Or GenY.

And yes, Grumpy Old Tart, Female Eunuch-ist , Big Brother contestant and one of JB's besties, Germaine Greer, will be appearing at one of the venues at some stage, sprouting forth grumpy old tart stuff and no doubt doing Diary room entries to try and get the viewer's vote. Swap that for a game of soldiers.

At the moment I'm once again fighting off a cold. Been using OP Rum. Its magic stuff I tells ya, magic.

Next week I won't be working as I have accrued a heap of leave. So I thought I'd see what its like being a Gen Y type during Sydney Scribblers' Week.


  1. No JB or Flinthart? Hardly a decent writer's get-together.

  2. "The Future of Journalism- Should the rise of the citizen journalist be celebrated?
    Sydney Dance Company, Studio 2/3 10:00 to 11:00"

    I reckon it's only worth going to see if they have to give their answers in interpretive dance.

    Should be a good week. Particularly the pub crawl through the rocks, sounds the sort of high-level intellectual discourse I approve of.

  3. Some of those sessions could be quite good, particularly if the presenters have a couple of drinks before going on.

  4. I'd try and stick to the strip clubs pre-lunch. Sauce up from about two-ish onward & then hit the post-school rush al la Johnsy boy at about three.

    Nice intinerary there Therbs - if you need a hand getting a few willing lads to take on some of the presenters - just give me a holla!

  5. YD - The SWF don't do writers which people like to read. Its generally a high end literary wankfest but does have some good stuff.
    Dr Y - after re-charging I'll probably be the one dancing down the aisle yelling out stuff like "Birmo covered this ages ago! Get your own bandwagon!", "Get a real job ya tossers!"
    and the killer, "You wouldn't shout if a shark bit ya! Get to the bar!"
    Naut - that's always the thing. I reckon being scribblers they'd have to have a few swifties before getting up and talking about Miles Franklins or Walkleys or whatever it is they're gunning for.
    Lerm - not enough early opener exotic dance venues down at the Rocks. Although the Cross is just a suburb away. This has to change. Clover fucking Moore better start doing some re-zoning down at The Rocks. They can fuck the public housing off and get a Red Light zone happening down there, just like it was in the 19th century. Nothing like a bit of real historical authenticity. Better than those fucking plastic boomerang and stuffed koala shops.
    I love the post-school rush idea. Have to do some more planning here. Thanks for the offer to help wrangling writers. I'll give you a yell if I need a hand.

  6. BA effin humbug, sydney..go the pre event drinks and salubrious establishments and then descend upon that stupid GERMAINIE

  7. Make sure you souvenier a gray hair from Stephen Cummings head for me fella!